Puck Cream Cheese 24*140 gm جبنة كريم مطبوخة بوك ٢٤*١٤٠ جرام

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Soft creamy and simply delicious, Puck cream cheese spread is a prime choice for everyday breakfast and snacks. This mild in flavor and smooth in texture cream cheese combines perfectly with soft breads, crispy toasts and bagels. Puck cream cheese spread comes in convenient twist off jar that long lasting freshness and can be stored in a fridge or in a cupboard.


  • Brand: Puck
  • Product Form: Creamy
  • Type: Cheese
  • Size: 140 gm
  • Calcium: No
  • Fat: Full Fat
  • Fat: 31g per 100g
  • Protein: 8.8g per 100g
  • EAN-13: 6291021916577
  • Details: Ideal for spreading on soft breads, toasts, and bagels. Delicious in flavor and creamy in texture. Suitable for vegetarians. No rennet added.
  • Ingredients: Cheese, Palm oil, starter culture, Salt, Emulsifier salt (E339)

جبنة كريم مطبوخة بوك ٢٤*١٤٠ جرام